Medical waste removal can become a complicated legal matter for most private medical practices, clinics, and hospitals, because the hazardous materials and biological risks associated with medical waste can inflict serious harm on individuals, communities, and the environment as a whole. 
For that very reason, we view legal compliance as an opportunity to help you make your practice more efficient, accountable, and cost-effective as we continue to find new ways to help you save on your medical waste services. 

Helping The Medical Industry Cut Costs On The Removal of Medical Waste

Right now, the medical industry is evolving faster than ever before. With a massive influx of advanced and innovative medical technology, modern medicine as we know it continues to change, evolve, and become more and more effective and efficient. However, one aspect of the medical field is still lagging far behind in terms of development and innovation, and this is mostly due to the costs associated with it. 

How Do You Manage And Remove Your Medical Waste?

Welcome to Peyton Services, your premiere provider of medical waste removal and medical waste management services looking to help the medical industry cut costs on the removal of medical waste.  As Arizona’s most experienced medical waste removal firm, we use our extensive experience and our large network to help you cut costs on your medical waste removal and medical waste management budget, because we understand just how deep these costs can run private practices, clinics, and hospitals. And in order for the people of Arizona to receive top-quality medical care, we need to ensure that all of the wastes associated with that care are properly remediated. 

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Specialized Services
In the medical field, private practice owners, clinicians, and hospital administrators understand the importance of proper disposal procedures. Here at Peyton, we know how to remove waste from your facility efficiently, effectively, and affordably. 

We specialize in the removal of:

  • Needles
  • Bandages
  • Surgical Tools
  • Soiled Linens
  • Contaminated Tools
  • Contaminated Instruments
  • Pharmaceutical Waste

Don’t even think about an on-site waste facility because the costs associated with your own in-house removal system can be astronomical. Why not save on costs without sacrificing quality and professionalism? Let Peyton Services take care of it for you because we’ll get the job done fast, cheap, and right each and every time.

Unrivaled Service – Proven Expertise – Legal Compliance

At Peyton Services, there are several reasons why we’re Arizona’s most preferred medical waste removal service provider, because we offer unrivaled service, proven expertise, and legal compliance to ensure that your medical waste is removed safely, effectively, efficiently, and affordably each and every time.

We even provide personalized medical waste removal and medical waste management services to allow us to better meet the needs of our clients. We’ll provide all of the management, logistics, and practices necessary to meet the needs of your unique practice, clinic, or hospital, so that you can focus on what’s important – providing stellar healthcare to the people of Arizona. 

Throughout our time in business, we’ve developed a deep understanding and an extensive expertise in the medical waste removal industry, allowing us to best meet the needs of our clients on an individual basis, because we know just how to provide you with the best services for the very best prices. 

Talented & Skilled Staff

Our staff of highly experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly consultants are well aware of state and federal OSHA requirements, and will always ensure that our clients are always in compliance. And don’t worry, we’ll always be sure to help you understand all of the state and federal OSHA requirements down to the detail, so that you are always in the loop.

If you’re ready to remove your medical waste properly, contact Peyton Services today. Let’s get started and cut your medical waste removal costs now!


Just when you thought data couldn’t possibly impact every market, think again! At Peyton Services, we utilize advanced data analysis to provide you with deep insights into your medical waste management practices.
We help you to understand the trends and patterns in your medical waste pick up schedule, your invoices, and your records, so that you can see the value in the information that you have readily available to you on a daily basis. We’ll show you just how our services can benefit you and direct you to your newfound savings.