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"​It was so easy dealing with Peyton Services, and within a month we were able to cut our medical waste expenses.  The whole process was stress-free & I have recommended them to all of the other practices we are affiliated with!"

Veronica suarez

Jupiter outpatient ASC

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Here at Peyton Services, our mission is simple. We’re not looking to boast about our advanced removal services, our highly experienced industry leading staff, or our affordable rates. While we know that those three aspects are exactly what helps to separate us from the rest of the competition, we also know that our services extend far beyond that.

At Peyton, we see it as our duty to provide an integral service that helps the medical industry more effectively treat their patients. And if we can help to reduce the medical waste expenses of our clients, while also working to rid them of the stressful hassle of managing such an endeavor, we believe that we can help to move the medical industry forward and allow it to operate more efficiently and place more emphasis on patient care, facilities, and treatments. 

In order to see our mission through, we’ve worked to develop long lasting partnerships with biohazard and waste management companies throughout the United States, so that we can meet the needs of the smallest private practice in Kentucky one day, make an on-time pick up at the local clinic in Los Angeles, and execute a massive waste removal project at the nation’s busiest research facility, all in a hard day’s work. 

So, don’t forget – even if you love the service that you’re currently receiving, or if you’re happy with your own in-house medical waste removal and medical waste management procedures, give us a call anyway. In most cases, we can still find ways to save you money.  When it comes to your practice, why not take advantage of every last dollar, so that you can continue to offer your patients and clients exceptional service?

At Peyton Services, this is our mission. Want to help us fulfill it? Become our client! Contact us today and let’s get started! 

“Peyton Services delivered everything they promised. They cut our medical waste expenses by 22%!”

Karen Jones

Trinity Surgery Center